Regatta Photography

Things I will need in order to photograph a Regatta:

A boat, A driver, To be fed, Power for a computer and monitor, A table for computer and monitor, A table to display printed photos, A place for my banner.  My logo and and link to my website on the Regatta website and other social media.  Skipper bag flyer

You will receive:

6 digital images for club use only, not for resale.  Photos will come embeded with Francine Hoffman Photography logo somewhere on the image.

If I have the means...I will have printed various 4x6 photos of day 1 to sell to competetors on the final day of the event at a pre-determined Regatta price. 

The 'Trophy' option

4x6 - Print Only $

5x7 - Print Only $

8x10 - Print Only $

Frames for trophies provided by Regatta organizer.  Photos will be sent via USPS to regatta winners (postage included in price).  Generic photo provided for frame for day of awards. 

Embeded in photo will be Name, Date and Location of Regatta, or any combination.  

* Prices include print price, average postage and overlay custimization for final photo.